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LDR Survey Pvt Ltd is one of the Leading and most experienced Best Land Survey Company services in Chennai. We have a long tradition of strong execution and enduring client connections worked alongside quality services.

LDR Survey Pvt Ltd has the experience, technical resources, and South India capacity to enable excellent performance on any Land Survey projects includes (Indoor Service (Digital Photogrammetry, LIDAR, Mobile LIDAR, GIS, CAD, PLS CAD, Remote Sensing, etc.) Outdoor Services (Total Station/DGPS Survey, Boundary survey, Drain survey, Layout survey, DPR Survey, ATS Survey, Hand GPS Survey, Drone Survey (UAV) etc.) Industries (Forest, oil & Gas, Railway, and Networking). Our staffs include surveyors, pilots, Civil engineers, Photogrammetrists, as well as mapping analyst and GIS specialists.

we provide our services to independent geomatics companies, government bodies and the Private sector including energy, oil and gas, forestry, Pipelines, Urban and rural planning, Agriculture, Fishery, coastal management, Mining, Water Management, Cad Engineering’s, DBM, Railways & Transportations industries. The information is given in a format that is prepared to organise into a different file of GIS and CAD structure that our clients use. LDR Survey Pvt Ltd company is not only a Profit-Gain Company but spent more than its profit on social services.

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LDR SURVEY PVT LTD is initiated by Team of M.R.Dinesh (CEO), D.Sangeetha (CHAIRMEN), R.Gangeyan (MD) who are having engineering experience. LDR SURVEY PVT LTD is a one stop solution for all your land problems. LDR SURVEY PVT LTD is provides you 100% honestly to get constructed Area, Vacant Land, Contours, Surrounded area details measurements for further development.

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LDR Land Survey Pvt Ltd was established in 2006 in Chennai, India. It has been operating having the status of Land Survey Data handled since 2006. Since that time the organization has extended its operations. Having headquarters in Chennai and has an official Land Survey development team in Chennai. The Company provides services in the fields of Topographical survey, Digital Land Photogrammetry, Boundary survey, ATS Survey, Drain Survey, Site Contour Survey, FMB, LIDAR, Mobile LIDAR, GIS, CAD, PLS CAD, BIM, Satellite survey, Total Station survey, DGPS Survey and UAV (DRONE Survey) etc. We use the latest technology and have qualified, expert, well trained, well behaved staff with a wide range of experience.


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High Quality (Accuracy), cost effective Land survey is the primary focus of LDR Survey Pvt Ltd. The administration has more than 15 years of experience in Land Survey services. We always assist and provide services to our clients that each project is achieved and executed with focus the standard. The Trust we gain with our clients give us the freedom to work with them, with stagewise improvement, design consultation, operation & execution.


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Our People are experienced Surveyors, Highly Qualified, trained on latest technologies, we understand What our clients wants and needs

  • Experienced & Professional.
  • Honest & Dependable .
  • Bonded.

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Our People are experienced and periodically trained on latest technologies, we understand what the client wants and needs.

  • Experienced & Professional.
  • Reference Checked.
  • Honest And Dependable.
  • Insured & Bonded.