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Procurement and supply chain management

More than ever, organizations understand that their purchasing power and procurement practices can positively impact the way Services are designed, Produced, and Publish. With an annual universal spend of more than 50 lakhs representing what we contract for ourselves and our clients from suppliers of services, LDR SURVEY PVT LTD make the opportunity to influence suppliers on a large scale while also reduce supply chain risks
LDR SURVEY PVT LTD entirety with more than 25,000 direct and indirect suppliers throughout South India and expects them to conduct their operations in an environmentally possible and socially liable manner as defined in the Supplier Code of Conduct below. At the same time, we can use our multi-universal supply chain to promote possible business practices and support local businesses around South India. The significance of the impact of our supply chain long exceeds our own sustainability impact as a firm. For all these reasons, we’ve properly inflated procurement to be a pedestal of our authority program.
To help develop, attribute, and integrate qualified and certified suppliers into managing services for our customers, we have developed a Supplier Multiplicity Program.For more details contact us .

Vendor Registration – How to Become a Supplier at LDR

LDR SURVEY PVT LTD Limited's vendor list is hosted and managed by Landsurveys.in. Suppliers interested in doing business with LDR SURVEY PVT LTD Limited are required to complete the online form to receive notifications of their offer opportunities
To complete the application form is FREE. Once you've completed the application form, LDR SURVEY PVT Limited will send you invitations of future offer opportunities through ldr@landsurveys.in.

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