Many people don't think the property survey is all that important, but you can reach us without making a mistake. Even before he or she looks for the land, a property surveyor will do research on the property. Every survey of a property starts with a clear investigation and analysis of the land's history. They make sure that in the future there won't be any differences.

Land Survey Consultancy & Educational Trainer In Chennai

LDR is one of the Best Land Survey companies in Chennai. It is the Top Land Survey Consultancy and Educational Trainer. We offer Land Survey Services, Boundary Survey Services, Topographical Survey Services, Interior Survey Services, Layout Survey Services, Building and Industrial Survey Services, Road Marking Survey Services, Combined FMB Sketch Services, Property Survey Services, Levelling Contour Services, and Proposed Building Planner Services. We have been working as land surveyors for 15 years. Ladder Survey Institute of Technology (LSIT) makes it possible for clients to find your drawing through a Google search. We give you a strong digital land survey strategy that makes it easy for clients to get in touch with you.

About Us

LDR SURVEY PVT LTD is one of the Best Land survey services & Educational trainer consultants in Chennai. We offer Land survey, Topographical survey, Property survey, interior survey, proposed building planners,Combined FMB Sketch, Real estate services, Digital land survey, etc…

Good Training & services

Good Training & services

LDR Survey Pvt Ltd is the best land survey consultancy and training institute around south India.

Virtual survey

Virtual survey

We are not ensuing the traditional way. Our Team pursue Virtual way to achieve our clients need.

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Team Management

LDR Team is an official ability to lead a group of employers in performing a task or common goals

Project Development

Our Management engages to lead the work of a team to achieve all project goals. We can usually esteem in the project system

  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Controlling
  • Closing
  • Delivery Management

    Our Delivery management Team is generally focused on the scope of achieving duration to right products are effectively and efficiently elevated starting with one area then onto the next.

    Pocket-Friendly Services

    Our costs are pocket friendly. We offer the best assistance, yet additionally the most financial. We are always reasonable as we consider a scope of organizations, be it large companies or a site-less beginning up, we are always reasonable.

    We Provide Solutions For All Your Land Problems

    What type of Services You Looking for?


    Land Survey

    Land survey is first step in your property regularization. Get a clear picture of the legalized boundary location & other details present in your land.


    Topographical Survey

    Topographical Survey picturized all the natural details present in your field, it also gives the holistic representation of all the constructed manmade features and undulations present in the field


    Property Survey

    Property survey is required to ensure, whether the property we are going to buy, is worth the amount we spend. We enlist on the field and provide a detailed map of the property’s legal boundary ,location of nearby buildings as per the documents


    Proposed Building Plans

    Our engineers who expertees in the structural engineering, specialised in consultations of structures and structural analysis of proposed building plans.


    Combined FMB Sketch

    Combined FMB is the process of arriving at a field drawing with the help of Combining different FMD’s together.


    Interior Survey

    Interior survey basically done for helping the architectural development of the constructed area in any building, it gives the exact dimensions, angular displacements, and any projections within the construct area.


    Real Estate Services

    Anything dealing with land property matters, we ensure that every rupee of your hard earn money is spent worthy. You will be paying for what you buy with the help of our digitalized real estate investor plan.


    Digital Land Survey

    The main instrument we use for Digital Land Survey is Total Station, DGPS, Drone and Hand Disto meter. We can get the exact shape and area of the present land, or your utilized area and can even find out whether the area is encroached, with the help of digital mapping.


    Layout Survey

    Layout survey designing and marking (executing) is a process by which we make ensure that every piece of land utilized and not wasted. We also design it complying to all government norms for approval if needed we also implement vasthu in design.

    Our History


    Beginning Our Services

    LDR survey Pvt Ltd was established in 2006 at Chennai, India. It has been operating have the status of official data since 2006


    Offering More Services

    LDR survey Pvt Ltd provides training & services in the fields of Land survey, Topographical survey, property survey, Building & Industrial survey, Digital Land Photogrammetry, Boundary survey, ATS Survey, Drain Survey, Site Contour Survey, FMB, LIDAR, Mobile LIDAR, GIS, CAD, PLS CAD, BIM, Satellite survey, Total Station survey, DGPS Survey and UAV (DRONE Survey),, Real estate services etc.


    Achieve Our Services

    Our LDR Team achieved our target goals to create enormous Client’s satisfaction with a short period of time. We can use the latest technology and have qualified, expert, well trained, well behaved employees with a wide range of experience.

    Why Choose Us?

    Best Quality

    Best Quality

    Our Core Team Consists of Experts who have worked for reputed firms and are well equipped in survey & sketching practices by providing value engineering & Quality land surveying services.

    100 % Guarantee

    100 % Guarantee

    We are growing by word of mouth through our Prestigious Clients; Which assures our Quality, Timeline & Accuracy.As we provide solutions for entire land procedures and problems.

    Consulting services

    Consulting services

    Our Company provide solutions for all land problems like Surveying, Planning, Advising, Settlements and Registrations etc…

    We Service At

    LDR Survey Pvt Ltd implement entire land survey services around South India.

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    • Karnataka

    Free Estimation Bill

    LDR Survey Pvt Ltd gives free estimation bill for your proposed services before connecting with us.

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    Hourly Rates

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    Daily Rates

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    Weekly Rates

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